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Focus Fitness Gym In New Lynn

Begin your journey with us and notice your body transform in weeks. We offer personal training, group fitness classes, excellent machinery, saunas, and massage chairs to assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals. Focus on your fitness with Focus Fitness gym in New Lynn


Cardio program

flexibility program in new lynn gym

Flexibility Program

Group Classes In New lynn Gym

We offer a wide range of group fitness classes that cater to individuals of all fitness levels, ranging from beginners to those who are advanced.

Facilities & Services

facilities and services at focus fitness gym

Customers reviews

The best gym I've ever been to! Love the environment, the equipment is new, the classes are fun and Pawan and the staff are very kind and always happy to help.

Definitely recommend it if you're looking to get more consistent when exercising. The sauna and the massage chairs are definitely an incentive!
Bruna Borges
I can't recommend Focus Fitness enough! The owner's attention to detail is evident in every aspect. The gym is spotless, it's always tidy and well-organized, making workouts a breeze.

The range of classes is impressive, with passionate instructors who make every session enjoyable. And let's not forget the massage chair & Sauna! It's a delightful addition that helps me unwind and recover. If you're looking for a gym that prioritizes hygiene, offers diverse classes, and adds a touch of relaxation, Focus Fitness is the perfect choice.
Luke Gardiner
highly recommend Focus Fitness Gym! The owner Pawan is so attentive and makes you feel like part of the fitness family. The gym is clean, well-maintained, and organized.

They offer a wide variety of classes, catering to different interests and fitness levels. The instructors are skilled and passionate. If you're looking for a gym with exceptional service, hygiene, variety, and a touch of luxury,

This is the place to go
Mitin MW

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