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About Pawan At Focus Fitness

I moved to Mumbai after finishing high school to study nutrition and become a chef with a focus on healthy food choices. Eventually, I went to New Zealand, where I completed my education and worked with the famous chef Al Brown. Working with fresh fruits and vegetables taught me the value of eating healthy.

During my time as a chef, I developed a strong interest in fitness and motivating others to adopt healthy lifestyles. As a result, I decided to study for a National Certificate in Personal Training Level 5 in Auckland. Which led me to become a qualified personal trainer!

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I consider myself a passionate believer in fitness and nutritious food as lifestyle habits that should be practiced all year. Small changes can hold a big effect, including exercise in your daily routine may boost your quality of life in addition to reducing the risk of heart attacks, osteoarthritis, mobility issues, and more.

With these beliefs in mind, I decided to establish Focus Fitness Gym. My objective is to illustrate and navigate individuals to live healthy, active lifestyles in a pleasant, welcoming, affordable, and flexible environment. Our health and wellness centre is a community where individuals of all ages and fitness levels may focus together to accomplish their fitness goals.